HEY MATEY!..to the official website for THEE BLUEBEARD!  Pirate, Actor, Comedian, Performer, Artist, and Entertainer. Beloved character of the Bristol Renaissance Faire for the last 3 years, Bluebeard has performed his show at various venues all over the country!  Mission: to entertain the masses for the sake of making everyone laugh like dag jolly fools!  Poke around here a while and find out about the show itself, some photo pictures from past shows, where he’ll be performing next, and how to get a hold of him (not too tight mates, he’s sensitive around the middle).

“Truly original, Thee Bluebeard is a one of kind act of wit and personality” Prof. Pinkerton Xyloma of Dead Man’s Carnival

“Unexpectedly outrageous entertainment gauged for all levels of your mind... and it WORKS! It will have you rolling on the floor!”Montague Jacques Fromage, Steampunk Funk Bizarrebg-divider

Want to have Thee Bluebeard at your next event? OF COURSE YOU DO! His pro-positive entertainment is great for all ages! From kids’ parties to burlesque shows, improv pirate antics are perfect for any genre. Guaranteed to make your event 800% more FUN!

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THEE Illustrated Adventures of THEE BLUEBEARD!

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